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The Indo-German Watershed Development Program (IGWDP) is an integrated program for rehabilitation of watersheds for the regeneration of natural resources. The program is implemented by the Village Watershed Committees (VWC- a body nominated by villagers), in association with Non-GovernmentalOrganization (NGOs). IGWDP was operationalised in December 1992 under the bilateral aid agreement between the German and Indian Governments. The Program is administered and managed by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and Resource Support Organizations with the support of Government of Maharashtra.

The objectives of the Indo German Watershed Development are :

  • To develop micro-watersheds in a comprehensive manner, so as to create adequate and sustainable livelihood opportunities for the inhabitants of that area.
  • To catalyst to form village groups into mobilizing their degraded environment through participatory self-help initiatives.
  • To facilitate the arising and unfolding of a people‚Äôs movement for sustainable economic development along watershed lines.

Partners and their roles :

  • The Gram Sabha, the body representing the entire village, accepts and ratifies the project.
  • The Village Watershed Committee (VWC) plans, implements and supervises the project.
  • The NGO motivates and mobilizes the watershed communities and plays the role of facilitator and guide to the VWC during the project period.
  • Concerned Government Departments, Technical Support Organizations and Agricultural Universities provide extension support during the implementation process as and when sought for.
  • NABARD and RSOs give technical training and managerial support, besides monitoring the program.
  • The German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and German Development Bank (KfW) provide financial assistance to the Capacity Building Phase (CBP) and Full Implementation Phase (FIP) of Indo-German Watershed Development Programme through the GoI and NABARD.
  • The Program Coordination Unit with representation from NABARD and RSOs coordinates the implementation of the program.
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